2001 Sketchbook Page

For most of 2001, I was not even a year old so I have little to no memory of that year. My memories of 2001 are from the stories and photos my family has shared with me.

At the time, my mom had a Nokia phone that I loved playing with. I was a curious child and loved touching and feeling things. My dad had braces and I would put my fingers in his mouth to feel the wires and brackets.

My parents have always worked a lot. They own restaurants and it’s hard for them to step away, even for a few hours. I would often spend time with my grandparents. My Ong Noi (grandpa) would play classical music CD’s, hold me in his arms, and rock me to sleep. When I was a little older, I remember seeing him do the same to my younger cousins.

My first word was “mama”.

I chose to create a collage because I feel like my memories aren’t real, they were told to me and pasted in my mind like a bunch of images.

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