Donnie Darko Notes

-Parents are traditional. Republican

-parents are disconnected. “What’s the name of your doctor again?” in the car. Just prescribe him meds and send him to therapy. Just know that he’s caused trouble. Don’t understand why. They’re confused when the therapist tries to explain what she thinks his condition is.

-why is he on meds? What’s his condition? Paranoid schizophrenic?

-music and editing: -beginning with him biking.

-when the viewer is taken throughout the high school building/campus

            → head over heels

            → dancing girls syncopated with beat of song

            → students doing coke and are good looking. Clean school→ wealthy

               Students and well funded school

    -”mad”. Everyone looking scared and concerned.

-”you’re too valuable and precious to be controlled by fear”. Interested in overcoming fear

-bunny symbol of childhood? Dark side?

-the voice of the bunny is scary but alluring to donnie

-time travel

“if the sky were to suddenly open up, there would be no law, there would be no rule. It would only be you and your memories, the choices you made, and the people you’ve touched. If the world were to end, it would only be you and fear and no one else.” *scared cries and hugs her. She claps and bunny goes away*

-frank is the bunny. Or maybe he just think he’s the bunny because the bunny is supposed to be evil and the person that killed the girl he likes is evil for killing

-why does therapist jolt out of bed?

-why are there shots of everyone? Why are those characters significant? A part of a plan?

-he reversed all the bad things from happening because he chose? To die. The parts of the movie prior show what would have happened if he survived

-why does the girl wave to donnie’s mom? Significance?

-what caused this parallel universe to occur is never explained, it just happened

When a TU (tangent universe/parallel universe) occurs with an Artifact then a Living Receiver is also chosen. This person is chosen seemingly at random and in this case Donnie is the chosen one. As Donnie was at the epicentre of the TU this is most likely why he was selected. The Living Receiver’s mission is to guide the Artifact out of the TU.

This person is usually blessed with some supernatural powers during their time in the TU to help them with their quest. Some of these include increased strength, mind control, the ability to conjure fire and water and telekinesis.

  • He uses strength to bury the axe into the school water pipe and solid bronze mascot.
  • He uses fire to burn Jim Cunningham’s house down
  • He floods the school and constructs a time portal from water.
  • He uses telekinesis to rip the jet engine off the plane to send it through the time portal.”


-”searching for love in the wrong places” → frank. SPooKed!

-img : show peaceful images to children. “Nobody remembers anything from their infancy anyways”. Infants need darkness? Darkness is natural part of development.

-he has to obey frank because he “saved him” and understand his whole masterplan. He knows there’s a plan and reason for this

-cellar door = most beautiful word


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