2003 Sketchbook Page

My sketchbook pages include a three piece set I designed that is inspired by the year 2003. I used to wear low top velcro shoes which inspired the top and shoes I designed. Before I knew how to tie my own shoes, I mostly wore velcro or slip on shoes. Velcro is a foundational thing that helped develop my motor skills. I think of the year 2003 and my age at the time as a foundational period that helped me develop my personality and sense of self.

The pants have a Hello Kitty pattern that makes me feel nostalgic. I was obsessed with Hello Kitty as a kid.

The last picture in this series is how I would photograph the outfit if I were to actually make it. I would hang it in a room with colored walls, along with various deserts. I was known for having a sweet tooth when I was younger.


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