The Squid and the Whale Reflection

In The Squid and the Whale, the Berkmans try to navigate through Joan and Bernard’s split. Joan admits to having an affair and begins dating Frank’s tennis coach. Bernard moves into a new house and starts dating one of his students. Walt decides to live with his dad because he blames his mom for the failed marriage. Throughout the marriage separation, these three characters specifically do things for selfish reasons– hiding books that they don’t want taken away, not communicating because they are hurt, and getting involved in impractical relationships because they are lonely. All of this is done out of pettiness. By the end of the film, these characters, especially Walt, realizes that they have been ignorant. It made me think about how we become petty when we are hurt.

The image that I created is a quote I heard from a friend. It conveys that we often see others in the wrong in a conflict when in reality, we ourselves are a part of the problem too.

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