2015 Sketchbook Page

In the Spring of my freshman year, I became a part of a solid friend group. I had a hard time finding good friends that had good humor. The new friends that I made were different from me. They were really passionate about theater and social justice. I remember they sang a lot which kind of annoyed me at first, but they taught me to be open minded and accepting. It was a group of many different types of people. In the fall of sophomore year, I got to know my friends much better and felt happier with a group. Not many people at our school partied because their parents were strict, some of ours included. We would create our own fun and hold these dance parties with just our friend group which was around 13-15 people. We called it 300 club, which was a name of some all girls speakeasy. We would dress up for every 300, dance, and drink wine that we stole from our parents.

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