Project Upload 2

For my rebuilding systems + networks project, I drew a room with paper and graphite, scanned it, and rebuilt and redesigned the room digitally using adobe photoshop and illustrator. In the analog drawing, I focused on creating a convincing space using two-point perspective. I created depth by using vanishing points as points of expansion and through using line hierarchy. The light in the room comes from the windows. I created a soft glow of light coming from the middle two window panels. I also added shadows from the plants and trampoline to make the light source seem more convincing. I included the three symbols I designed in my tracing artifacts project in the pink poster on the wall, the border of the pool, and the center of the trampoline. I wanted to create a modern and fun greenhouse that I felt would exist in a tropical desert.

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  1. Daina · May 13, 2019 Reply

    Ha-Lan, your symbols integrated very seamlessly. Nice job.

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