Expansion Into Space

I believe that if the human race were to flee earth, it would be because we would have exploited all of its natural materials. In order to survive beyond earth, we must return to a simple, sustainable, and community-based life. My concept for expansion into space is a sustainable organic restaurant where human to human and human to food interaction is at the forefront. In this restaurant, customers play a part in cooking the food and creating the environment through crafting and/or curating in a ritualistic manner to promote a connection to the meal and the community they share it with. The meal is enjoyed all at once at a communal table. The restaurant is all about learning, sharing, and reconnecting to a more loving and mindful way of eating.

For my project, I simulated the restaurant experience with my drawing and imaging class. We prepared and ate goi cuon chay, Vietnamese vegan spring rolls. I created placemats using adobe illustrator and photoshop that explain how to make the rolls.

Brainstorming page
Brainstorming pageSketch of the restaurant. On the top are the kitchen and dining room. On the bottom is the garden where ingredients for the meal are gathered from
Placemat design sketch

Digital drawing of spring roll. All ingredients were drawn in illustrator Final placemat design. This design was printed and laminated to use for in-class meal
Photos from the class meal

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  1. mattisd · May 16, 2019 Reply

    Ha-Lan, It’s great to see your idea come to fruition and see how much the entire class embraced your project. The experience was a memorable one. Nice job.

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