Space and Materiality 1A

For my first ‘object’ I chose an article of clothing, not just because it is beautiful as a whole but because it is fascinating when broken down.  This is a dress. A dress from Christopher Kane’s Fall 2015 runway collection. When I first saw this garment, to me, it looked like a second skin. Because of the mesh and the fit, it very clearly conforms to the body.  What draws my eye the most is the delicacy of the piece. It looks organic and easy, before delving into the construction. The second thing to note is the abstract pattern. At first glance, it appears to be a collage of embroidered blue lines.  After continuing to look, you see the collage of bodies that meld together to create a pattern. Overall, this piece is dependent on sight, especially when one is only able to view it from an image, rather than having the experience of seeing the model move in person, therefore one has to fill in the blanks on its construction and intention.

This garment is built up by layers. The first layer appears to be a type if mesh or  see through fabric. The material is soft and has a lot of movement. There appears to be a couple layers of this and they connect at the neckline with a thin, scalloped edge seam.  The layers are varying in length and the top layer is the longest, falling around mid calf, where you can see the skin. As for the embroidery, it is done with black and dark blue thread that overlaps multiple times throughout the pattern.  There is also a thin black belt, tied at the waist, in a bow. The edges of the fabric around the arms, and at the bottom of the dress, appear to not have a seam. Therefore there are rough edges of the natural end of the mesh.

I chose this piece because Christopher Kane has been one of my favorite designers for years.  His clothing appears to be natural and is easy to look at. I love the delicacy of it and how it appears to mold to the model, which adds to looking at the image as a whole.  It allows me to take in the garment with the model, rather than the clothing alone. What I love about fashion is the personality behind it. Kane is able to connect the people to his garments, making it appear more personal.  The construction looks effortless, despite the amount of work that went into it, which is something that I strive for in my own art.

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