Space and Materiality 1A

For my second object, I chose something more utilitarian, something I see everyday on my walk to class. I chose a dark green mailbox, permanently stuck to the sidewalk, weathered from years of residency.  This green mailbox is tough, when you touch it, you feel the roughness of the metal, from years of erosion, but you also feel its strength. It is sturdy and shows signs of dependency. It is uniform in color, one that coats the whole, almost as a seal, a sort of armor, used to shield it from the harshness of the outside world. While the smell of this one object was not obvious, it was surrounded, and took in the smells of the city around it.  A blend of the people and the polluted air that is almost as permanent as the object itself. While I did not taste the object, I assume it would have the same tinge of metal as would come from biting down on a fork, pungent and off putting. The object itself, however, is not off putting, it is a representation of communication and community.

Once you look beyond the color, the seal, you see the broken down construction that aided in its strength.  It has hinges, although covered by paint, and most likely no longer functional, that provide an opening, a way in.  It has four solid feet on which it bears its weight. It is made of a sturdy metal, most likely steel, which helps in its permanence.  It is constructed of highly calculated curved and straight pieces, that fit perfectly, as puzzle pieces. The preciseness of each piece adds to its appeal as a solid object.  The green color blends it into nature. It is industrial in use and organic in aesthetics.

I chose this because it is a mode of transport that connects people who are otherwise, not close in distance.  It is a pathway for communication. Even though its construction is industrial, its use is emotional. It is the first step in the offering of a love letter, a message of condolence, or appreciation.  It is man made and its use is incredibly human. This idea of construction as a way to appeal to human emotion is incredibly inspirational. In my own work I hope to find ways to allow people to connect to the art itself, or one another.

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