As someone who has misophonia, I was very interested in the discussion of overstimulation, regarding noise, within the readings.  Misophonia is an anxiety disorder is based around sound sensitivity. When triggered by certain noises such as loud chewing, knuckle cracking, or repetitive tapping, it can induce a type of anxiety within the person, where the sounds feel amplified, and cause of extreme discomfort. This disorder is uncommon, and hard to describe to those who do not have it, and may even sound a little ridiculous.  When I am in a room, and am triggered, I feel trapped, as though the noise is attacking me, and I cannot escape, this feeling coats me with anxiety, and the feeling only stops when the noise goes away or I am able to leave the room, and be in silence. Therefore I wanted to use this project as a way to show sound as chaos and silence as serenity. I will use a birdcage to represent the feeling of being trapped, as well as wire, wrapped around to visually represent that anxiety.

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