Half Truths

When thinking of secrets, one must consider how they come to be.  At times, people can be keeping secrets from others, without knowing it.  To me, secrets and lying go hand in hand, whether one is lying to themselves or others.  These lies can start out as truths, but as time goes on and feelings change. These secrets come out as half truths, with one’s true feelings being hidden in the empty spaces of their words.  This forms somewhat of a half truth, where the secret can only be seen when you look closely. These secrets, in the end always come out, whether on purpose or not. When they are revealed, there is a sense of relief, as there is nothing to hide anymore.

Shadows hold a similar parallel to secrets.  They reflect an object almost identically, showing a realistic idea of what one is looking at.  However if the light changes, this shadow becomes warped, confusing its original form. This constant ability to change shows the every changing nature of someone’s feelings and thoughts, as they evolve throughout time.  Shadows also become darker, depending on the amount of light sources acted upon said object. These layers affect the intensity of the shadow itself, sometimes creating new images within the layers.

My piece aims to show the relationship between secrets and shadows and their mutual dependency.  The silhouettes can be warped, depending on the angle of the light, toying with the idea of scale and power within a relationship.  This is paired with the words, with which the shadow is the inverse of the figures, with a shadow being cast by the etching of the letters, as opposed to the light shining through, creating a shape through the absence of shadow.  The sides have an interactive aspect, as the panels on either side act as book pages. When they are folded upon one another, the sentences are completed. The various pages only make sense when read all together, further playing into the idea of revealing secrets, through time.  This piece is meant to be seen from a birds eye view, creating a more intimate relationship between the viewer and the installation itself.

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