Reflection Week 1

Haley Royal

January 31, 2019


Why Are Young People Pretending to Love Work


Faced with the increasing pressures to become self sufficient in an economy that makes it near impossible to find employment, while also coming up in an era where being a self starter seems logistically obtainable creates a crippling dichotomy for this generation.  Coming into adulthood in the time of ‘rise and grind’ where sleepless nights and long stretches of work feel more like a badge of honor, rather than a troubling statement is incredibly conflicting. This article touches on whether not this strive to overwork is something that can be sustained at length, or will eventually lead to the demise of this generation.

As an aspiring artist, attempting to fulfill far fetched dreams in New York, it is easy to see how this sort of energy comes to be.  The competitive nature of the artist, particularly in a school rooted in the fashion industry, pushes one to work harder, stay awake longer, and keep pushing until those goals are reached, only to then realize that you will have to work twice as hard once you get there.  In the heat of the moment, it is easy to find this incredibly inspiring, constantly being pushed to the brink to work harder and be better than those around you. The sense of community is with your competitors, who are right next to you, pulling all nighters, just trying to be the best they can be.  

I feel as though I feed off of this energy, when I dream about my future, I see it in cups of coffee and minimal hours of sleep, all for the pursuit of my craft.  The idea of ‘overworking’ sounds incredibly appealing when it is something you love. However, taking a step back, as done in this article, makes it seem crazy. This idea of consuming one’s life with work can seem dehumanizing.  It can seem like a filler for something bigger that may be missing. Griffith presents this need to work to the brink of death as a way to replace the ever fading concept of religion, and steers this to be somewhat negative. However, it is that people are finding this passion within themselves, and striving to create the life they want.

With the way the world is changing, especially within art, there are more and more possibilities to create a life where one can truly love what they do.  Therefore, ‘work’ driving their lives is no longer a negative thing, as it could be something truly fulfilling. This potential creates something for this up and coming generation to strive for, even when starting at the bottom.

Now more than ever there is a push for self motivation and productivity, with highly successful influencers claiming things such as, ‘The most successful people start their days at 4am.’  Now it can be argued as to whether this is true or not but people are getting positive energy in return for their, so called, hustle.

While it can be scary to see these facts put onto paper, and even seem a little unhealthy, it is all in the pursuit of fulfillment.  The difference comes from what the intention of the person is; whether or not they are enduring crazy levels of stress for genuine passion or fear of falling behind a generation that seems to be moving so quickly.  This is a lifestyle that is not ideal for everyone, and is not healthy for anyone. However the sense of accomplishment that comes from pushing yourself to the brink to produce something you can take pride in is truly undeniable.

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