MORUS visit


Despite the less than ideal weather, the trip to the MORUS was rather inspirational.  By meeting someone who truly made a difference within his community, i felt as though small changes I make in my life actually have an impact, and it gave me a push to continue to grow my awareness of my impact on the environment.  This field trip showed me that real people can make real differences, and small movements can become revolutionary.

I was most interested by his work towards the addition of bike lanes in the city, as it is something I encounter every day.   As someone who has just recently moved to the city, it is strange to envision it without them. I never truly understood the impact of this addition that I see each day, but often pay no mind to.  Bike culture in the city seems very strong, as it is a form of transportation that seems to have become seamlessly integrated with the automobiles. After hearing the story of how they came to be, I began to feel a little better about New Yorkers, as I thought of how I see both bikers and drivers every day, which is a vast improvement from solely cars on the roads.  

The community garden, although not active when I saw it, was something I found a lot of beauty in.  The idea of a communal space cared for and utilized by everyone in the community was inspiring to see in a city that inherently can be somewhat selfish and self serving.  I was moved by both the simple and drastic steps taken to better the city, and make it a place I can see myself living for many years to come.

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