Reflection- 2/7

Haley Royal

Feb 7, 2019

Sustainable Systems


Climate Change 2020: Can the Democrats Make it an Election Issue?

Emily Holden and David Smith


With the current political climate, we are not only facing the issue of solving climate change, but also questioning its validity, despite backing from scientific fact.  The denial of climate change not only keeps the country from taking preventative action, but also does a great disservice to American’s, who should be able to trust the leader of their country.  This is a crucial time for the environment, as it is becoming very clear that our time is running out, if we continue as we are. However, our president has deemed it appropriate to joke about such tragedy, even going so far as to ‘wish for global warming’ during a cold spell that hit the midwest, in a tweet.  This denial hinders the possibility of progress, and is the exact need for complete political change in the upcoming election.

By fighting for climate change to be presented as one of the main issues of the 2020 election, there is more of a chance for democrats to truly show their loyalty to the environment.  The Green New Deal is clearly something that is going to be a hot topic, and one that will lead to much debate. This plan calls for drastic changes to legislation surrounding the environment.  Supporters of this movement are calling upon democratic party members to frontier this notion, hoping to finally make a breakthrough in congress.

While it is clear that it is time for us, as a nation to start taking the environment more seriously, Holden brings up a valid point in saying that asking for too drastic of a change could lead to no progress at all.  When discussing the preservation of the environment, and actions that can be taken, it is important to consider the lifestyle that people of the 21st century have come accustomed to. While these big changes may reap many benefits, they are not realistic in today’s society.  Therefore, by approaching these issues with the American people in mind, there is a better chance of coming to a conclusion that can move the country in the right direction. This election is detrimental to the future of the earth, and therefore it is in the hands of the democratic party to take claims made by environmentalists seriously, and make a change.

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