Haley Royal


Whole Foods Cuts Workers Hours After Amazon Introduces Minimum Wage


This article is a prime example of large corporations exploitation of people for financial gain.  By raising the minimum wage for employees while also cutting hours, Amazon is able to maintain a positive appearance in media, without losing money.  This seemingly good act is not so good in practice, as employees are seeing their hours being cut, thus not receiving more money overall, as the loss of hours undermines the raised wage.  This is the type of thing that needs to be talked about more, as these are real people who are being affected. Minimum wage is already not a livable income, however, it is what many people depend on.  Large corporations, who are already responsible for a majority of the wealth in the country only want more money, proving once again the ugly side of capitalism, and the greed that comes with it. The amount of power they have allows them to get away with things like this, without consequence.  It is behavior like this that is only more evidence of need for wealth distribution as most, if not all economic decisions seem to only benefit the top 1%.

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