Haley Royal


Why Self Checkout Is and Has Always Been the Worst


Everyday I see ways of cutting corners with the introduction of new technology, it makes everything seemingly easier, as it is supposedly meant to.  I admit that I utilize the self checkout option at stores frequently, to avoid human interaction. However, every on e in a while the thought crosses my mind of what the cost of all of this technology is, like when reading articles such as this one.  I have often heard of the idea that technology will eventually take jobs from humans, but usually the jobs in conversation are “bigger”, such as teachers or doctors. But I forget that this could include service workers as well. It is no secret that large corporations will cut costs however they can, thus resulting in low functioning, somewhat sufficient technology that can reduce the need for employees in some way.  The self checkout kiosk eliminates the need for cashiers, thus eliminating the company’s need to hire such employees. There are already issues with minimum wage rates being far to low to be a livable wage, as they have not raised proportionally to inflation. Also, there are already scarily high rates of unemployment in this country. These service jobs are important, as they allow for work for people who need it, but also force interaction of a shockingly anti social society.  The use of this technology may seem harmless, but in the long run seems to be dangerous.

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