Becoming Non-Human

I chose to focus on the mice and rats that live on the streets of NYC, and more often than not, end up in various homes and apartment buildings.  These rodents are commonly seen, by me included, as pests. On multiple occasions I have heard the scratching of walls, and turned to look, only to be met with a small grey mouse staring back at me.  The first time this happened, it was my very first night in the dorm room, I immediately panicked, and googled to find out if they could climb walls (Spoiler alert- they can). By the second time I was less surprised, more annoyed.  However, I went on with my day, he went on with his. By the third time, I was unimpressed; this felt like a normal occurrence. I noticed that they tend to stay out of human’s ways, spending most of their time traveling from place to place.

I have encountered mice in their territory a couple times as well.  More often than not, I saw them running to crawl under buildings, thus finding their new home.  I learned that they craved the same thing we all did, especially with the never ending winter that comes with living in the Northeast- warmth.  All they needed was a place to stay, and the smell of food pouring out of quaint kitchens didn’t hurt either. Most importantly I learned that their aim isn’t to harm, just survive.

Therefore, I have designed a structure that goes underneath these pathways into buildings that will act as a tiny home for the mice, where they can gain the warmth they crave, without invading the space of humans.

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