Tracking the toxic air that’s killing millions

Mark Smith


When reading articles such as this one, it truly puts into perspective how bad our environment has gotten, and how much of a problem it truly is.  Polluted air is easy to ignore, on a day to day basis, as we are not privy to the effects that it is having, as it is something that has built up over time, to the point where this is the air quality that we are used to.  However, when looking at the bigger picture, and seeing statistics of how the health of people, globally, has declined it is hard to not feel fearful. This is an issue we must tackle now, as it is affecting children (i.e. our future).  We must turn to the people in charge to take action, by this I mean politicians. If we plead and show that we will not idly watch as our earth declines, they will be forced to take action. I believe that this will be a crucial issue in the 2020 election, and I am excited to be able to have a voice when that time comes.

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