Attendance Assignment 2

I felt freed by the lack of control I had over the material.  I have found that, in my art, I can get hung up on the details, and have ended up sacrificing the big picture, without realising this.  With the thread, I immediately saw the bigger picture, and had to accept the fact that I had very little control over the thread. I began by laying my piece down, and allowing it to become the shape it wanted to.  I then observed the thread, and pieced together what I wanted to be my body, and made changes to my initial shape, to better fit my vision. However, I predominantly allowed the thread to take form. As the iterations went on, I feel like my work became more abstract, but also more controlled, as I began to see my vision come through more solidly.  With the addition of dimension, I was able to think about my form in layers, and build on to it how I saw fit. This made the progression of my iterations interesting, as I was able to explore form in multiple planes.

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