Attendance Assignment 4

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I found it was easier to find myself in movements and gestures, rather than features.  I find that I often do not have a good idea of what I look like, and my perception of my physical appearance changes often.  I was more tuned into movements and habits that follow my own. Specifically I observed how people walk, as I know I walk with my head down, at a fairly fast paced.  I looked for people who mirrored this. I think I was successful in capturing my movements, however was less successful in finding individual features. I found it hard to study strangers and also take a clear image, but found myself in my friends rather easily.  For example, one of my friends only has one dimple, like me. This is something I noticed for the first time this weekend, while keeping an eye out for these observations.

I find that I often am not looking for myself when I observe others, but rather things that interest me.  However, when shifting my focus, I was able to gain a better understanding of myself, but was also more conscious of how I present to the world.

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