Attendance Assignment 6

Using unwanted materials forced me to think about how I use resources, and what I consider when making a piece.  Within my art work, I try to be as resourceful as possible, as sustainability is one of my interests. I also have had to scrounge for supplies often, as I didn’t always have access to more high quality materials.  In high school, our white paint was rationed, as there was always a shortage, so sometimes we would use gesso instead. This exercise gave me a chance to use materials I hadn’t used before. 

Using these to express myself was challenging, as I had to understand both the limitations of the materials, and construct something physical. It was hard to translate between the two.  I believe that The value of the materials changed in that it is extending their life. Something I have learned through studying fashion sustainability is the importance of extending the life of a garment, by using found materials we are mirroring this idea.

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