Attendance Assignment 7

I agree with many of the critiques that I received.  I appreciated the comments made about my creativity to use string as a way of showing animation.  Many of my critiques were about refining my setting and setting up a shot to look well put together. I agree with this note, as I spent most of my time with this assignment on experimenting and less on the setting.  I agree that this is something for me to improve upon in the final stages of a project. I have noticed that I often struggle with documenting 3 dimensional work, as it is harder to account for the background. Because of this, my pieces are no longer the focus of the photo, as there are things in the background that can be distracting.  Therefore, I will take this into consideration in the future and work on finding the best way to document my piece.

I learned about the importance of presentation, as well as consideration of materials. We were limited in what we could use in this assignment, however, I got comments saying my color palette was distracting. An important thing to note is how all aspects play into the whole of a piece, and if it is benefiting or taking away from the final product.

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