LP #2 Intro to Fashion

I think that there are certain societal norms that I find myself following due to my place in society, in terms of my dress, without being aware of it. Many of these things overlap, however, it can be hard to find a way to abide by all of them, while also exploring my own personal growth, outside these factors.  I think the two leading factors in the way I present myself are the fact that I am a woman and my sexuality. As a woman, I was taught that the way I dress can attract attention, and that could become dangerous at times. Therefore, I often find myself conscious of the situation I will be in, when picking an outfit.  This often leads to an internal debate of wanting to rebel against these certain rules and expectations, and wanting to look out for my own personal safety. My gender, while I believe the leading factor in influence, impacts then rest in my personal intersectionality map. When considering this, I have to recognize certain privileges that I am given, being white and in a community where I feel safe.  I am aware of the fact that I am put in a lucky position, as it allows me certain freedoms in my dress, as there are less cultural expectations associated with me. I find that I often dress for the situation I am about to be in, however I do believe expectations that come along with the parts of my map are in the back of my head. That being said, I believe that I often actively find myself thinking of where I need to be and what level of appropriateness is needed, such as for school or work.

A key point in both of the readings was recognizing more marginalized groups within points of inclusion, such as women of color being allocated even less opportunities than women as a whole.  I think that it is important to acknowledge these interdependencies between these categories, so that we can better understand how to be a more tolerant society within daily practices, such as dress.


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