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Experiencing a Design-2nbwa2p



I wanted to capture the characteristics of both the space as a whole and the sequence of experiencing it. I chose Syndicated because its overall design clearly depicts the purpose of the space, both the design and purpose being innovative. Syndicated is primarily one big open space that is bar, restaurant, and kitchen. The theater and restrooms are located farther in from the entrance past hallways, making it inevitable for the customers to experience the main space first. The two hallways are on the corners farther away from the entrance, and have identical structure and distance. The two front doors are located in perfect symmetry, with a corner in between them. I photographed my experience starting from the outside of the space, moving onto the big main space, then the narrower hallway and theater spaces. I aimed to capture the bold openness of the main space as well as the design of symmetry and intentful placement.


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