Shape Explorations


First Still Life Set-Up:

Charcoal Drawing:

Open Lines:

Second Still Life Set-Up:

Charcoal Drawing with Shades and Closed Shapes:

This time, with charcoal as my tool and shades in mind, I explored as many methods as possible. I used a wide range of gray color, and tried different ways to draw shades and lines.

Closed Lines:

I created the edges in the way the objects make sense geometrically. I used different widths of lines to show the various distances of each plane; The distances, therefore the widths of the lines, not only differ for each object but also among the same object.


I used a wide range of gray as well as white and black to show the paths of light dramatically. As I’m looking at them now, which is after I’ve completed my final version of the piece, some of the shades look too dark. Because they are unreally dark, they rather reduce the effectiveness of conveying the sense of light and shadow. My attention gets dispersed rather than persuaded.


For the closed shapes, I used a smaller pallet of gray, therefore they look way more coherent. Although they are still too dark overall, since they are supposed to be white objects, at least my eyes view them altogether and understand the different dynamics of light and placement in a better way. I focused on creating the shadows in the way they look natural and not artificial.


Transparent Shapes:

I made my shapes transparent. The transparency reduces the heavy, dense feeling of my previous drawing, rendering a feeling of ease to the drawing. However, the level of transparency is inconsistent with each object, and therefore the shapes have lost their characteristics of brightness and color to a certain degree.


Above all, I increased the brightness of the overall drawing. I reset the shade gradients of all the planes and made them brighter than in my previous drawings. I smoothened the gradation on all the shapes, and edited the shades as well to make them look more natural. I not only learned and practiced Illustrator for an extended period of time, but also deeply enjoyed the whole process of drawing. I appreciated the progression through different media, from charcoal sketches of lines to line-less digital drawing, and learned how rich one’s drawing experience can be. As my next step, I’d like to add colors to them for variety and further practice of creating natural shades.

More Variation:

I added animated eyes instead of letters in order to emphasize the surface of planes. The one at the top on the pillar worked well, because I modified the eye to look flat on the surface. However, the bigger eyes on the circles rather counter the roundness of the surface because I did not add enough shades on the pupil parts. As I intended, the odd and surreal feelings are successfully added to the drawing.

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