Completed Video:


Purpose of Project:

To take a large number of photographs repetitively of an object or a place, and to make a time-lapse video that shows the natural passing of time in its frame.


I chased the sunset one winter evening in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Focusing on the sunset, I walked for about an hour and a half and took photos for each one or two steps I took. I took about 300 photos, and used all of them. I used the natural evening light from the sunset as well as the street lights. I set my shutter speed high to eliminate secondary lights and objects and to focus on the sunset, its colors, and brightness. My hands froze and felt numb towards the end of my journey, and I was deeply reminded of making sure I have gloves for a winter outdoor shoot.


It was an opportunity to appreciate the familiar environment through a different frame and viewpoint. I got to experience the neighborhood through an unusual path while chasing the sunset. It was my first time using Premiere in a long time, and I was reminded of how exciting it is to play with images in the ways they create different time aspects. I used Premiere to make a rhythmical sequence of images that show the object, sunset, in a fast-paced motion. I’m glad I used an odd, electronic track called <GO (with Tirzah)> for my video, since it added a playful and exciting feeling to it. I added my title and other credits in the way they are in accordance with the overall beats of my soundtrack. I’d like to explore the ways which I can add variety to my texts as well as how to arrange the black background and my images in unusual, exciting way. To improve my work in general, I’d consider using hand-held equipment to make my frames more evenly angled so the timelapse would look smoother.




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