City as Canvas

I. Handdrawn Draft

I aimed to design letters that are curvy and sharp at the same time. Since my name’s a little long, I collapsed them together to be more compact, as well as to look more like graffiti work.

I copied my design on a tracing paper to have a clearer lines. During the process, I lengthened the sharp edges of the letters.

Then I drew shadows on the right sides of the letters. I made the edges of the shadows sharp and thicker, and then colored them dark red.


II. Practice

I practiced drawing lines in various forms by creating an image of banana using as few strokes as possible.


My drawing:


III. Illustration

In illustrator, I redrew my name design. I exaggerated the edges of the letters even more, so they’d have longer, thicker, and more animated shapes. I tilted the letters for more dynamic, exciting feelings. The letters contain round, curvy bodies and sharp, heavy ends.

I added the shadows to the letters, and thickened them. I made the letters way thicker as well. Then I put gradient blue to the letters, to make them more organic. Lastly, I created a gray platform underneath the letters, so my name would be emphasized and more tightly composed.


IV. City as Canvas

I found a wall with vibrant color and intricate mural. I added my name graffiti to the vacant, tainted part of the wall to contrast the more conventional painting next to it. Due to the bright scarlet wall, my letters lost some of their blue tone and dissolved into the wall. So I put on my name on the gray side road as well. I’d like to fill in colors to my letters so they’d have stronger integrity and more vivid imagery. That’d make the graffiti look more visible and animated on the actual walls. It was a meaningful practice to inter-utilize both illustrator and photoshop, as well as the city I’m based in and my own name.

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