Text As Image

I. Text

After thinking between a few quotes, I picked a poem to work with. I decided to use the last stanza of Kai Cheng Thom’s <hrt>, which goes as follows:

the other night I dreamed 

that there were two flowers

budding inside my chest.

like cereus, my body blossoms,


beneath cool,




II. Design

I planned to use imagery offered by the poem, to make my piece coherent and focused. One specific subject in the poem is “cereus,” so I picked an image of cereus plant and designed my shapes based on the photograph.

I drew the cereus with pen tool.

I made cereus plants with the poem, I filled in the shapes with different gradients of green.


III. Text As Image

As I started working in Illustrator, I soon realized that I had way too much text. So I used only the second half of the stanza. I attempted to create round shapes with my letters, to contrast the straightness of the cereus in the middle.


IV. Editing

I cut down more text and enlarged the remaining text, to better emphasize each word. I had more of the words’ physicality to work with, so I added different layers, thickness, and colors to it. I also added green-toned background to make more animated, graphical feelings to the image. To put emphasis on the last word, “blooms,” which I paraphrased from “blossoms,” I dramatically edited it. The word, along with its meaning, spreads out and grows big.

I combined the background to so the image would look more natural as one whole piece, and thickened the characters.


V. Final

I moved the cereus image to the middle, and made the words to make an arch around it. I also made the background a little darker, so the dim-colored fonts would show better. To further improve, I’d like to find different colors that’d look more organic together with the image and the poem.


VI. Sketch for MP4

I drew ten boxes as my timeline for the video, and sketched each movement of the text.



I made a 10 seconds long video on Photoshop of my text appearing and disappearing, or writing. I edited in a song by Bjork, which has a vibrant sentiment and strong string sounds, so match the feeling of the content as well as the movement of the text.

MP4: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MWqgIqdtx2yIhDI4Kqk_EY0N6iYsg1qC

MP3: Like Someone In Love, Bjork

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