3D Parabolic Curve

I. Drawing

Based on the practices I’ve done on project sheets, I drew my own curve made of straight lines. I drew a circular curve inside a big circle by connecting two dots, which together cover the 1/4 of the circumference.

i) I calculated distance in ratio between two connected dots from the previous draft of small circle. It was 38 dots, each pair of which had 10 dots as it’s distance. 10/38 was approximately 1/4 or 25% of the entire circle.

ii) I divided my big circle into 4 equal segments, so that the distance between the two edges of each segment is equal to 1/4 or 25% of the circumference. When measured, the distance bewteen the edges of each segment was 8.25 inches.

iii) I drew many straight lines that together have a distance of 8.25 inches, while the two points are on two different segments. The numerous straight lines started to create a curve altogether.

iv) When I had drawn straight lines that cover all of the dots on 3 segments, I just needed to connect the last remaining dots to one another in order, not measure the 8.25 inches. After, I had made a perfectly circular curve inside the circle.

II. Draft

i) copper wire

ii) iron wire

III. Craft

i) calculation

I algebraically calculated the distance of two connecting dots on my final piece. For the 1/4 division as in my previous drawings, each wire’s length needed to be 8.125 inches on my new panel. But the circle in my new panel was not as big as I wanted it to be, so I decided to use a circle bigger than the current hole. In order for the wires to be visible in the small hole from the opposite side, I used 3/8 division instead of 1/4. Therefore, the distance between two dots on my bigger circle needed to be 5.625 inches.

ii) panel

I drew a circle outside the hole in the panel, and then divided it into 4 segments. I divided each segment into halves, and then divided them into more halves. So, I positioned 8 equal-distanced dots in 1 segment of the bigger circle.

iii) craft

I drilled 8 equally-distanced holes in each segment, eventually making 25 (24+1) holes. I connected 2 holes with the distance of 11 holes, using only the hole in the middle twice.

Unlike in my drafts, I used modified brass wire as my lines. I thickened brass wire by folding them into 4 layers and winding it with a drill. I filled in all the holes, and ended up with a curve shape that covers 3/4 of my bigger circle, as well as more than half of my smaller circle.

In order to improve my work, I’d like to find a way to create a bigger hole in my panel, so I’d have a greater space to play with. I’d also like to calculate and craft a perfectly circular curve rather than an open one like this, just so that it’ll look more similar to my original draft. I’d like to straighten up my wire more, so they’d make a sturdier shape with a stronger symmetry. I’m deeply satisfied with my new experience of wood & wire crafting. I’d like to expand this project in the future and make a piece for my own house.




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