Casting Plaster Sculpture

I. Practice

I drew and cut a parabolic curve on foam chord based on the principles of the previous project. I formed a slant beacon shape with it. Then, I made a small crown-shaped figure with casting plaster. From this practice, I realized I wanted a bigger curvy plane for my shape, and thicker connections in order to reduce the chance of the piece breaking.


II. Casting

I drew and cut a new shape with foam chord—a closable tube shape that meets at a thinner edge. I attached the edges together to make a more fun shape, heart.


The inside of the piece, which is the main part of the piece, makes a round emoji heart shape, while the outer surface has flat, angular, geometric presentations.


I made another piece with another parabolic curve shape. I simply rolled it around and made an asymmetrical third dimensional shape. I was mindful of the cone’s thickness, so that it’d be not too thin nor too bulky.