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Bridge 2: Reflection PPJ

Reflection How did you choose the initial image? I chose Brooklyn Heights Deli after walking around the neighborhood and not finding…
신윤복 Sin Yun-bok: Candidness

신윤복 Sin Yun-bok: Candidness

I. Key Words Candidness, Realism, Painting, Illustration, Traditional, Nudity, Chosun Dynasty II. Information MET: Hollins University Digital Commons:…


Questions: I'm studying the historical, cultural, and geographical context of Brooklyn Heights in Brooklyn. In order to find out the…
China Marks: Persistence

China Marks: Persistence

I. Key Words Persistence, Reinterpretation, Reconstruction, Innovation, Imagination, Sewing, Industrial Sewing Machine, Multi-media. II. Information Website: Owen James Gallery:…
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