Inflatable Structures


i. original

I chose a big black cat as my initial model.

ii. deconstruction

I dissected my stuffed cat piece by piece. After I cut open the back, I took out the insides and then flipped the skin inside out. I cut through all the seamed lines between the fabrics. This process took me a long time, since the shapes of the fabrics were unclear and there were many. In hindsight, I wish I had known it’d be difficult to know where each piece was when I’d put them together. However, the following images were very helpful for my final process.


iii. tracing

I put the cut up pieces on two big pieces of paper, and traced them as well as an approximately one inch of extra edge.

I traced the shapes again with a thick sharpie for my next step.

iv. plastic bag

I brought my collected plastic bags and flattened them with an iron. Most of them had two layers.


I drew shapes on the plastics by tracing the marker lines from the tracing papers.

I cut all of them and started making them into a doll. I ironed pieces that belong together, flipped them, and stuffed them. I successfully made the tail, but could not figure out how to make the rest of the piece.

v. table cloth

I tried the same method again with green plastic table cloth.

I went through the same steps of tracing and cutting as my first attempt.

I started with the tail, and finished the body part first.


It took a way shorter time for the head, unlike how I anticipated. I sealed the neck part in order to keep the inside stay.

I connected the head to the body through a few steps. First I put a stick inside the head and put the other end in the body. Then, I ironed the neck part so that the head and the body were fully attached.

The face of the doll turned out to look more like a piglet than a cat, especially because of the ears’ positioning.

In order to improve my work, I’d like to simplify the design of each shape. It would make it a more interesting and easier project if I’d meticulously designed each piece so that I could put them together the way I planned. A better way to solve accidental holes or detached parts would be great too. It was a new, interestingly difficult project.





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