Presenting Self: Artist Statement


I can never express myself perfectly. There are only better or worse versions of expressions, which I aim to create perfect. It took me long to realize the imperfect nature of self-expression, and a little longer to accept it. But it was not until I began to appreciate such fate of creative process that I grew serious about creating art. As much as I don’t know about others, the world, and the universe, I don’t understand my “self.” Why would I ever expect myself to perfectly express my self when I don’t even understand it?

My work circulates around two major mysteries: self and universe. I visualize my relationship to my self, my environment, the world, and use various media to reflect contemplations. I depict myself and my stories in films, videos, photographs, and installation. I write simple and poetic proses that strive to present how I feel and think in the universe called my self. A self is a universe. I aim to artfully capture precious moments in that universe. In that sense, I struggle to be an accurate artist.

A universe consistently and persistently burns planets to light itself, to shine. I want my creations to be lights from dying and birthing stars. I aim to be an actively alive universe in this sea of universes.


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