Bridge 1: Artist Statement

I want to capture the interconnection between sight and feeling. Why are we so obsessed with seeing? What do we feel when we see? What are our feelings about the act of seeing itself?

We continuously absorb information from our surroundings, in order to be aware of our environment. Even when we need not, we still tend to keep looking around to see what is happening around us. We want to see what’s happening even when we do not understand what it means. We still see, often out of habit, although we don’t understand. We want to see things because control comes from awareness. Awareness comes from witnessing. Therefore, we obsessively look at our surroundings, watch the world, observe one another. Seeing is power.

I want to depict the susceptibility of losing one of the two senses, when we see and feel simultaneously. I want to convey pleasure along with disturbance through my images.

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