Bridge 1: Process Documentation

1. Initial Question

“why does everyone stare at one another?”

2. Thought Process

I first thought of easy answers to why people stare at one another all the time. People want to feel validated by comparing themselves to others, including they way they look, styles, attitudes, and physical expressions. Whether they feel relieved to see that people seem similar to them, or feel relieved to see that they’re different from most people, they keep looking. People want to see both beautiful things and the ugly things. Such thoughts altogether made me think of the power of seeing, which I elaborated in my Artist Statement, so I took photographs that’d invoke the desire to see more than the captured images.

3. Medium

I decided to use photograph as my medium because it emphasizes the fixating characteristic of sight.

4. Visualization

IV. Reflection

I found my lack of motivations and ideas challenging. I wasn’t used to starting off with a question that seemed somewhat random and narrow. I would’ve tried to solidify my thoughts more for each step in the future, as well as drawing detailed storyboards. I’ve learned how to creatively and efficiently narrow down my thoughts for the final piece, and am excited to refine the skill.

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