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The image of terriermon represents my cherished childhood memories and my desire to stay innocent. Terriermon is making a playfully upset face, just as my personality is playful as well as fierce. My given name haneu(l) means sky in pure Korean, and my family name bak originally meant rest, as the Chinese characters for the word depict a person leaning on a tree. I added a doodle I drew on Illustrator, which has abstract human figure with a flower on her head and a waning moon next to her waist. It represents my soul and how I want to feel in my body and in this world.


The image of terriermon is big and it functions as the background image. Terriermon is at the center of the image but mostly in the first and the third quadrants. My name is at the top of the image, the given name in the second quadrant and my last name in the first. My symbol is at the corner of the first quadrant because there was most room for my symbol to be a proper size.

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