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Brooklyn Heights

Key Words

Intricate, Dense, Urban, Busy

  • How did you choose your keyword(s)?
    •  I chose them intuitively while recalling my experiences with the visual elements and atmosphere of Brooklyn Heights.

My Sentence

The skyscrapers took the streets outside them, and the people inside them.

5 Curated Images


  • What was interesting about the subject or the making of the initial collection of photos?
    • It was fun to look back at how my own route in the neighborhood affected my visual experience. It was interesting to see how the various elements of the neighborhood somehow seem organic altogether with the purpose of being a collection.
  • What impacted your decision to edit, or to choose the final 5 images? Why did you choose them? What story are you telling? How are these images a representation of your keyword(s)?
    • My impression of the neighborhood influenced my final decisions more than anything. I wanted the images to visually reflect how I felt during my walking exercise. I chose photographs that well-capture the atmosphere of the town as well as the visual elements. The initial images capture and convey the busy, urban elements of the town. I edited the second image to be more geometrically natural with the many straight lines on the buildings and roads. I cropped the third image significantly, so that the edges of the huge court building would bleed outside the frame. I wanted to capture the chaotic feeling that’s created by the extremely dense, orderly map of window shapes. The fourth image is a twist, which relieves the tension built from the highly urban images but at the same time brings in another heavy feeling from history. The pillar and USA flag on it commemorate the victims of Korean War. The last photo is unique, due to its subject and lighting. The last photo shows the architectural style of the buildings and the trees on the sidewalk all in extremely bright sunlight, along with a narrow strip of rainbow. I wanted to create an impact with the casual, realistic image of the photograph and the extreme, unrealistic lighting. Because the most casual is the most confusing. It feels ethereal yet disturbing.

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