Bridge 2: Process Documentation

Initial Sign

Primary Image(s) / Location / Market Sector / Platform

Brooklyn Heights Deli has a horizontally long, white sign. One of the primary images of this sign is its long, dim, grey image of Brooklyn Bridge behind the name. The rest of primary images are the written advertisements. In the middle of the sign is written Brooklyn Heights Deli in all capital letters, bold type, and the word DELI written very big lower to BROOKLYN HEIGHTS. The name DELI is so big and thick, and is exactly in the middle, it functions as the logo of the sign. On the left edge of the sign is a round-edged rectangle with a list of beverages that are for sale, such as coffee and beer. On the right edge of the sign is another round-edged rectangle with the tagline “Specialized in CATERING HEROES.” The phrase CATERING HERO(E)S is facing towards the corner of the four-way streets, making it easy to be spotted by drivers or pedestrians. This sign is efficient at delivering the essence of their business matters. Because the majority of targeted customers of the deli is the neighborhood and pedestrians, it seems effective enough to present itself to the nearby audience in the streets. Its location is at the crossing section of two streets where many residential houses are, therefore the store seems highly effective at advertisement.

Redesigned Sign

Market Sector / Platform / Location

I redesigned the sign at the front of the store, so it’d be more visible and unique. I chose one market sector, which is the potential customers nearby in the neighborhood. I want it to be aluminum or acrylic board that’s water-proof so it can be outdoors, and relatively sustainable. It can also be used in online advertisements such as instagram, instagram ad, or facebook boost ad. But my main purpose was to refresh the actual sign of the store. I also took it into consideration that this deli is a corner store at the edge of a block, and should be as visible as possible to attract the nearby customers in the neighborhood.

Primary Image(s)


I kept “Brooklyn Heights Deli” as my primary image, but emphasized “DELI” more than “Brooklyn Heights.” I kept that information that this deli offers excellent catering service with the shortened phrase “catering heros” and its store number “643-1361,” while getting rid of the list of beverages it offers. I took out the list of beverages because it’s to most people’s common knowledge that delis offer beverages but not that they offer catering services as well. I also used green hue as the primary image, to match the dark green color of the awning.


I made a bold decision to take out all other information besides the name of the store. I did so because I thought the primary costumers want to easily spot the store more than anything, so that all other information besides the fact that it’s a deli is secondary. I also thought that people are already aware of its location being Brooklyn Heights, so its regional fact is unnecessary as well. Moreover, the awning underneath the sign contains information about free deliver, some beverages, and the store number. Therefore, I made the sign bigger, and then filled the entire sign with bolder and bigger name. I made the background black and the letters white so it doesn’t get too dirty and still be highly visible. I used a clear, symmetrical font to match the purpose of the design.


I realized, from the previous design, that if a store sign is too simple it’d lose a chance to visually attract customers. This thought came to me because I found myself bored at the hyper-simplicity of the previous design. I decided to redesign it with more visually exciting elements while keeping it pleasantly simple enough. I chose mildly transparent, warm dark green color as the background color of the sign, which became one of the primary images. I used a asymmetrical, handwritten style of font to add unique feature to the sign. I made the “DELI” part white, while making the secondary information underneath it black. “SPECIALIZED IN CATERING” is in a thinner, simpler font, with the store number right next to it. These two pieces of information are not as important as “DELI,” but still two of the primary images in the sign. I made the widths of “DELI” and “SPECIALIZED IN CATERING * 643-1361” similar, in order to create a cohesive feeling.

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