Bridge 2: Reflection PPJ


  • How did you choose the initial image?
    • I chose Brooklyn Heights Deli after walking around the neighborhood and not finding any advertisements or signs I wanted to redesign. Initially I had the thought half jokingly, but realized it could be more relevant to me and my surroundings than choosing a random, fancy restaurant or advertisement.
  • What was your impetus (rationale) for the iteration or changes you made?
    • My primary goals were to keep it simple and clear, while making it more visible and a little prettier.
  • When you think about your target audience/ audiences – what is one image, impression, color or thought-form that comes to mind?
    • I think of pedestrians casually walking around the neighborhood on their way to or from a corner store.
  • What part of this project are you most proud?
    • The subject I chose.
  • How did you feel (felt sense & emotional narrative) about showing your work?
    • I didn’t get to present my designs in class, but I think I’d feel a little funny about it, because I expect some people not understanding why I chose a deli as my subject. I’d also feel a little embarrassed, because I’m not very good at graphic design.
  • How did it feel to have the DAI happen with you present?
    • I didn’t get to experience it.
  • How did you choose your questions for the audience/ viewers? DO you wish you asked something that you did not ask?
    • If I presented my redesigns in class, I’d ask my audience to share their thoughts on my subject matter and their ideas about redesigning local corner stores, because I felt the limitation of my imagination when I redesigned the sign by myself.
  • What changes would you make to each piece if you had to do another iteration?
    • I’d design a unique and beautiful font for the sign if I have more time and ideas in the future.


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