Michael DeForge: Expressiveness

I. Research / Key Words

I deeply enjoyed my research on graphic novel artist for my last artist discovery, and decided to further my knowledge in that area. While I was browsing online, I encountered an illustration piece with a familiar style. Although I didn’t recognize the artist’s name right away, I was convinced that I’ve read a graphic novel with such an imaginative, almost hallucinatory illustration style. I looked up his name, read information about him, and read some of his works. After browsing through his various works on his website for a while, I realized that the piece I’ve read in high school was called <Big Kids>. I was once again fascinated by his beautiful illustration, especially his expressiveness, imaginativeness, and uniqueness. The nightmarish dreamy characters, colors, and world in his works seem to depict the emotional reality of this world more truly than most stories I’ve read.

Expressiveness, Imaginativeness, Distortion, Dreams

II. Information



Asian American Writer’s Workshop:


The Comics Journal:


III. Images




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