Bridge 4: Process Documentation & Project “hey what’s up”

1. Inspiration

Brooklyn Heights, DELI / neighborhood, cars, streets, noises, sounds.


2. Research Thesis

“What’s the historical context of architecture in Brooklyn Heights?”


3. A one paragraph explanation of how your Studio project is related to, or has moved away from your research thesis.

I contemplated with my illustration of a building in Brooklyn Heights above. I decided to use a non-visual piece to challenge myself, in order not to fall into a simple visual representation being my final piece. I used my own sound recording of Brooklyn Heights for its geographical merit of being recorded directly in the region. I created a sound piece that corresponds to how I felt in Brooklyn Heights during my first and solo research trip. When I completed the audio piece, I decided to use an image of deli in Brooklyn Heights for which I re-designed the sign at the front of the store.


4. Visual Documentation

Original Audio Recording:


Chae Buttuh, Hey Baby (feat. Lavender Graves):


I edited a song by CHAE BUTTUH, <Hey Baby> with the sound clip I gathered from my trip to Brooklyn Heights. I recorded the surroundings in the neighborhood along with my voice explanations of my route. The sound elements I collected include car sounds, street noises, breezes, crushing leaves, and distant noises.

Final Audio Piece:

Photo/Video Piece:

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