What I am taking:

  • A more positive attitude for discussion
  • An interest in urban space
  • Reinforcement of current interests
    • (No interest in architectural research or geological history.)
  • Importance of mental strength
  • A lot of fem energy



  1. What learning/ learning topic or learning process did you find yourself using throughout the semester?


  1. Where did you use it (in life, in class, in other classes)?


  1. What learning did you make about systems or strategies (in society, in making, in research, etc.) do you want to bring into your future semesters, dig into deeper, or explore with other people?


  1. What is one ah-ha that you had? What did you learn?


  1. Select two highlights from your first year. These highlights might consist of major projects or papers. A highlight could also be a productive class debate, a journal entry, a materials experiment, an illuminating course trip, or a new skill. This is a deep look at your work.
    1. Planning: Show your preparatory steps for both highlights. What initiated these? How did you plan for the different steps? How would you prepare differently next time?
    2. Outcome: Show what was explored/ made/ written/ researched. Write a clear description of each item. Add media components (images, galleries, video, excerpts, etc.).
  2. Thinking: Show your thought process. What do these two highlights represent? Why are they important to your learning? What is most successful or interesting about this work?


  1. If you could tell future students anything from what you learned during this year, what would it be? (Not just in this class – but overall in life about first year at college.)


  1. Write a conclusion that looks toward future interests, questions, and courses. This is where you’re heading.
    1. What new questions do you want to pursue in the future?
    2. How might one project generate another?
    3. What new skills/techniques do you want to learn?

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