Project Deconstruction

The project I chose to deconstruct was the final project I did for my senior year art class. In previous assignments, my teacher gave us strict guidelines to follow while constructing our pieces, and as a nice gesture, she decided to give us complete creative freedom for our final project. In the video attached I describe the conceptual framework and emotional process of the piece:

This project was my first one using copic markers. I was in love with their blending abilities and the wide variety of colors available, but I do believe that the material attributed to the many, small, mistakes I had made. If i were to do this project again I would possible do it as a multi-layered screenprint to get saturated and clean colors and lines. I still enjoyed using the markers as I love having the control of doing art completely by hand and hope to use them more in the future.

I believe the conceptual side of this piece I continue to explore, as most to all my pieces center around my own thought processes, ideas, emotions, and memories. I enjoy creating art about myself because I believe that it is cathartic and can help others feel what I feel and have a similar emotional experience.

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