What is Barnes and Nobles?

One of the first observations I had of the Union Square Barnes and Nobles was the collectible editions of classic books. There was an entire table on the first floor covered in these deep colored, hard covered, and gold accented books, like Wuthering Heights and the complete works of William Shakespeare. This type of rebranding of books, that people do not voluntarily like to read, is an obvious attempt to make these collections more appealing to the customer. At first this could be seen as a good action on the store’s part, as they are trying to make more people excited about classic literature, but in my opinion this seems like an attempt to make people buy things they do not truly need. These collectible edition will most likely go unread, instead being a nice coffee table accessory, or a pretty addition to a bookcase.

Barnes and Nobles also makes other attempts to provoke unnecessary purchases from the customer like with an Illuminated Bible, that has gold lettered words and illustrations, or the wall of Essential Journals, which do not seem essential in actuality.

Barnes and Nobles is just a small piece in the capitalist market America has created. The store might not necessarily want to make these eye-catching, accessory pieces, but in a way they probably must in order to compete in today’s economy. But by doing so, they take away from the credibility of the store and the books too, as they are seen more for their new features rather than their original content.

Photos of Message:

General Observation:


-Collectible Editions


-Nook (where they are displayed takes up a big space in the store, but the nook is supposed to be space efficient)

-Blue and Yellow Wallpaper with Traditional Columns

-Everyone is Silent –> music is playing –> what does the music do ?

-Promoting Website

-Essential Journals –> what does that even mean?

-Marketing Teen Depression

-Movie/TV Covers for Books

-Rebranding Old Books

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