Final Studio Project Proposal IS2

Thesis: Why are people uncomfortable with public mourning and public displays of emotion? Why are people more comfortable in private than in public?

3 Questions:

  1. Are objects that give emotional pain the most meaningful to an individual?
  2. How do memories affect comfortability?
  3. What has the bed represented throughout history? Is it the ultimate private space?

External Sources:

Cultural Artifacts:

Relevant Data:

  • Native American cultures are known for their rituals that include collective emotional experiences that are supposed to be healing for individuals and the community at large.
  • Are display of emotions has been altered in modern times do to the creation of social media. People are more likely to share online rather than in person do to the facade of being able to hide behind a screen.
  • Emotion is woven into all societal institutions and is a root for people’s way of life and behaviors.

Research on Mediums:

I anticipate that I will have to research techniques for model making, in regards to many materials, such as wood, fabric, and metal. I will research embroidering styles as I am not sure if I want to hand sew or use a machine for my details on fabric.


**My sketches won’t upload onto the LP, they are in an e-mail sent to Bryan with their descriptions**

Notes after Whitney Group Discussion:

My group supported my idea of reconstructing a small version of my room. My group gave me many ideas on what Parsons resources I could use to make this piece, such as the embroidery machines or laser cuter. I had reservations about putting text on the carpet, but my group thought it would be really interesting and would not take away from the flow of the piece.

Mock-Up / Prototype:

The layout of my prototype is working and I will continue to use the measurements that I mapped out in my sketches. My classmates suggested that I start creating my objects first before the box that will contain the room, as they were concerned that I might be constrained by the measurements of the objects.

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