Juanli Carrion – Studio Visit: IS2


Outer Seed Shadow:

What does natural public space mean to a person? Is nature apart of a person’s identity or is it something we use for moments of reflection and relief?


What if this project was turned into an actual opera (abbreviated or full length)? Would the message still stand, or would it just become a piece of entertainment?


What if these piece became more performative? What if people were present in these landscapes? What if the acts they did were seen as disrespectful?


How could Carrion go even further to create this virtual space? How could he make it feel like the “inside of a computer”? Sound, smell ?


What is the importance of the paint in this project? What affect would have occurred if they had used real guns?


Is this a critique of our electricity and “light” use? Is this where we are headed if we don’t reform our technology use?


Is it important to highlight both the natural and unnatural sides of the cactus? What would happen if it only focused on one or the other? Would it require too much interference with the material itself?


What if the images were even brighter and bigger? Would people see this as an art installation or just apart of the ever present stimuli in their lives?

Atlas Shurgged:

What is the effect on the viewer when these images show negative things in a beautiful way? Does the viewer romanticize these human interactions or truly see them for what they are?

La Edad de Indio:

How could Carrion further emphasize this idea of history repeating itself? Talk about other countries?


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