Bridge 1 ABC’s

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The feedback from the critique was more centered around questions instead of criticism, which I loved! We discussed the meaning of each letter, the inspiration of my website and the connections that each letter could possibly have. If I had an extra week to work on the project, I would probably have done another project, possibly like a mock educational video, and do some cool edits, or photos. Also, perhaps clean up the website a little, and create newer art for the images. Madeline’s piece during the presentation was the most inspiring to me. I loved the aesthetic of the little book that she made, and the drawings inside were minimalistic, but beautifully done in an articulate way. The colors were pleasing to the eye and did not overwhelm the art, and I enjoyed the yellow thread that matched with the yellow colors in the book. And some of the letters that Madeline drew was something that I related to, so it brought comfort knowing that I was not alone in some situations. The obsession that I am most curious about is probably J, Jesus Christ. Religion is something I am constantly surrounded by, but I never felt the reach to go deeper into faith. However, during my Objects in History class during my first semester, we were taught about how religion intersects art, and even the unethical parts of the Catholic/Christian religion. I want to decolonize Christianity and try to find its natural roots before the whitewash, just to truly understand what the religion is like. I am not comfortable aligning myself with a religion that has been used as a colonization tactic and a force to keep me submissive in my household.

HeeEun Chung is a Korean photographer based in Los Angeles. They are originally from Korea. They got their interest in photography when their father handed down his film camera and HeeEun wanted to revive the film movement. HeeEun's main focus was to incorporate intersectional feminism into photography because political activism is an essential part of their life and identity. They believe in teaching people about the complexities of political issues by connecting to them on an artistic, creative level.

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