Integrative Studio 2: System Representation

S Y S T E M : A N I M A L  C R U E L T Y

 in the production of wool, fur, and other animal skins used for clothing.

C R U E L T Y  –   F R E E D

For this assignment, I took a metaphorical approach in representing my system. The fur balls represent the animals who were slaughtered for their skins. Since many animals killed for their skins are caged in darkness their entire lives, the video starts as a black screen and a tunnel of light gradually expands into a scene which shows the freeing of animals in light and nature – even though it is too late.

At the end of the video, there is an overflow of white fur, which relates to the overconsumption of animal products and the overflow of animals killed for human products. The color white also suggests heaven and death – the true cost of fur, wool, and leather.

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