The assignment was to create three works that depicted yourself in any way possible. I took this project in a quite literal sense and I created images of myself with two distinct, separate emotions. In all three paintings, I utilized graphite and watercolor to illustrate my idea of how I am verses how I want to be.

The upside down triangle form of the photo placement was intentional. The straight, pouty face along with the position of the hand was placed on the bottom to exude an image of thought process. In majority of photos and comics, the person thinking is always placed on the bottom of the page while a cloud of bubbles lead up to what the character is wondering about. The way I rendered these pieces is that as of recent, I am in a state of unstable emotion. I used to be a very happy girl before I began my first year in college. In this photo series, I am recalling back on the happy moments of my life when I used to not have a single care in the world; these moments were not too long ago. The cloudy background of the top two photos suggest a sort of fairy-tale like scenario. A moment that feels so distant in time to the point where it is muddled and the memory is not very clear.

I hope one day, after I pull myself out of this rut, I will go back to being the exuberant human I once am certain I was.




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