Mark Magellan

Mark Magellan is behind me in this photo.

I chose him because he took me by utter surprise. I was just enjoying my time in the Tiffany room, thinking I was the only one there. I started humming along to a song I was listening to and began to take an embarrassing amount of photos. I leisurely ┬áturned around and then I froze. A man was sitting behind a plant on a wooden stool — Mark Magellan. He was still and at first I thought was a life-size statue. With only the two of us in the room, I soon realized he was a real, bald man and I smiled. There was no emotional change in his face. His arms were crossed across his blue button down shirt with his legs were crossed in his khaki pants. He had wrinkles in his face that automatically depicted his grumpy mood. He didn’t look much like a guard but I decided I overstayed my welcome in his home and quickly made my way to the exit. I politely left while saying, “Have a nice day!” however his expression did not change. The most I had gotten from him was a grunt telling me good riddance.

But who knows? He could be a nice man, that Mark Magellan.


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